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Research comms
...but better!

Peer to peer learning network for more creative
research communication


No more death by powerpoint.

We empower you to reshape how you communicate your research and reconnect with audiences.

Our network
connects you with other researchers and comms experts, to learn more impactful ways of presenting research.

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We’re here to support each other and help every member to find confidence in their voice, their story, and their output. The COMMunity is run on an interactive networking platform called Circle.



COMMunity is a space to share with one another, and also receive expert advice from our comms expert admins. Regular live workshops, show and tells and feedback sessions to help you grow in COMMfidence!



We strive to be a supportive “Hive Mind” tribe - an accessible space where communication can be practised and refined.


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Everyone is welcome, BYOB (bring your own banter), mixers and snacks (socials and tasty resources) will be provided upon arrival, but, start ruining the vibe, and we are afraid to say – you will be getting ousted.

Why come and play?

Become a better communicator

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Regardless of what direction you want to take in life – being able to communicate persuasively will always be valuable. Making people care about what you have to say is a skill that can be developed and honed in the same way that any other skill can – by accessing resources in the appropriate theory from those with relevant experience, and practise, practise, practise!

Present more engagingly

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Anyone can put a graph in a presentation slide and say what the dots and squiggles mean, but it takes a different skill to be able to summarize the information in an accessible way, to contextualize the information to make it meaningful to each audience encountered, and to be memorable.

Connect with like-minded rebels

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But beyond skills, COMMunity hopes to be a space where networking and friendships can blossom. To make contact with people you’d perhaps not normally encounter in your own personal pocket of the research world, and to share resources and tips with each other. A place to practise and play, to break down the rigid format so pervasive within this industry.

What we need from you

Be present
You’ll get the most out by putting in. We get that not everyone is ‘camera on’ so contribute in whatever way suits you best   

Be awesome
Don’t break the rules (check out the code of conduct) 

Be creative
Step out of your comfort zone and be supportive, this space is about trying new things


Want a flavour of what we are about?

Check out the launch event from October to see what we are planning! >>>

Ready to create ACADREMIA!?
Click the link below to join our COMMunity

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